Interior Design Services In Lekki Lagos
Modern Styling With Top-Notch Accessories.

Complete Renovation

Through our signature design approach, we develop a comprehensive, bespoke plan suited to each individual project resulting in comfortable, luxurious spaces reflective of our clients' tastes and interests. We have a tailored design solution just for you.

Budgeting & Estimating

Whatever you need to design, our experts will provide detailed and accurate budget estimating and cost planning services on your project so that you are better informed at the initial stages of a project.

Project Monitoring & Management

We specialize in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints. We perform and monitor all of the activities related to your project work, from conceptualization to completion. ... The end goal is to complete the project on time and within budget.

Lighting Designing

At Goldray interiors, we carefully integrate light into the fabric of architecture. This helps us express the desired character of your space. We always recommend that a perfectly crafted lighting scheme should be integrated into the design at an early stage.

Sales/Curation of Unique Accessories

Shop the best luxury home decor you need to brighten up your living spaces from us. Check out the collection for luxury items and unique pieces to fit in your home. Find something you like or find something you love.

Bespoke Joinery & Funiture

We are widely known for not only being professional craftsmen, dealing with premium quality materials, yet also provide an exemplary solution, incorporated with value for money woodworking & joinery. we have a team of very experienced and skilled joiners who take great pride in producing a quality product.

Turn-key Styling

Styling is definitely the best part! As a continuation of the Design Development process, this is where we pull the whole scheme together with an on-site styling session in each space. You'll have a magazine-worthy result that will be as functional as it is beautiful guaranteed!

Delivery and Installation

Either your a purchasing any product from us or we are helping procure materials for your site, we deliver your items safe to your location and we also have professionals who will help install your items perfectly.

Procurement & Administration

Goldray Interior Designs Services in Lekki Lagos offer a full array of design services from fresh, innovative and unique design concepts, through to technical services, procurement, delivery and installation. The end goal is to complete the interior design projects on time and within budget.

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Founder & Creative Director

Mobolaji Raji

Mobolaji is an experienced & visionary designer that is fueled by anything beautiful and creative. She seeks to show that although interior design is considered a luxury service, it can be attainable to everyone.

She’s focused on providing interior design solutions, home staging and custom décor with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

To Mobolaji Raji, the clients satisfaction is her priority!

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