The U3 Project - Interior Design In Jakande Lekki

Interior Design Planning!

During our planning of The U3 Project interior design in jakande lekki, we took the lifestyle of the clients into consideration. This living room might be hosting a lot of activities like family movie time, get-togethers, cocktail parties et.al. Therefore, we planned considering real life activities.

We developed a simple but stylish open layout and furnitute plan that includes having a large T.V. & a drop down projector for movies. Our next step was to consider the sofa. We went for high quality furniture that will to stand the test of time.

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The Lighting at U3 Interior Design In Jakande Lekki

Lifestyle also came into consideration as this determined how much use the sofa piece will receive, and in turn, the best color family and fabric. That was the reason why we picked this deep royal blue color as it work well with sticky children’s hands and pets paws.

While we were planning the room’s furniture and window treatments for this interior design in Jakande Lekki, our priority was to make the best use of natural light because we already had an open glass door. This means that we had no much need for as much artificial lights as possible.

However, we invested in a bit of high and low lights and lamps from Goldray Collections that will help punctuate the space whenever the colorful window blinds are used.

Pillows & Textures.

We understand the importance of texture is super important and we suggested that the materials to be used should feel good to the touch.

Therefore, to make the room inviting, we combined the textures of different materials, such as wood, metal, wool, silk, and glass.

Things that are meant to be soft should feel soft when they are touched and when they are meant to be durable, they should feel strong when touched. We incorporated texture into this project through throw pillows and accessories.

Pillows are another great way to bring in color, pattern, and texture, so we had fun while picking out the pillows for U3 interior design in Jakande Lekki.

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